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What is Xanax?

 Xanax belongs to a class of drugs known as Benzodiazepines. These types of medications act on the brain and the central nervous system by reducing over-excitement in the brain. That is the reason why Xanax is prescribed to treat anxiety and panic disorders. Xanax works by enhancing certain chemicals in the brain known as GABA to achieve this effect. This FDA-approved medication is also sold under the brand name Alprazolam.[1]

There is a reason why this medication is excessively searched on the internet and its sudden rise to fame in recent years. Xanax is a lifesaver pill for people with anxiety and panic disorders that arise as a result of extreme fear and worry.

History of Xanax:

Psychiatric treatments have been on the rise since the 1960s and therefore there was an urgent need to develop a treatment for people experiencing insomnia that is caused due to anxiety disorders [2]. The first benzodiazepine was developed during the year 1956 under the name Librium by a doctor named Leo Sternbach. The objective was to create a less addictive and safer alternative to traditional tranquilizers such as Barbiturates.

The very first patent for Alprazolam was filed in 1969 and granted in the year 1976 [3]. The drug Alprazolam was eventually named Xanax which is also its generic name was first released by the Upjohn company in the year 1981. This was the first approved use of Alprazolam and was used in the treatment of panic disorders.

During its early stages of development, Xanax was closely in line with Valium as it was the most popular and highest-selling prescription drug in America during the time but it was not prescribed for panic attacks [4]. The makers of Xanax then seized this opportunity to develop one for the condition and saw their opportunity in the market.

Alprazolam was approved by the FDA on October 16, 1981, and was consigned to Schedule IV of the Controlled Substance Act in November 1981. This was the first-ever benzodiazepine that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration to treat panic disorder.[5]

The prescription rate of Xanax skyrocketed within two years of its initial introduction in the market and it became a crucial drug in the US.

Along with Dr. Sternback, Dr, David Sheehan who worked at Upjohn also worked to show how the drug could be effective in the treatment of anxiety, mood, and panic disorders.

Xanax Side Effects and Safety:

Most of us are familiar with the phrase that is often quoted in the USA about being the land of the free and home of the brave, but what is freedom without proper control.

Xanax may provide freedom from panic attacks and seizures but care should be taken to utilize the benefits of the medication with a great sense of responsibility.

Here is what you need to know about Xanax,

Xanax is classified as a Schedule IV controlled substance by the US government. This classification means that the drug has a very low risk of abuse and dependence.[6]

Xanax is a central nervous system depressant. The central nervous system is responsible for all the primary functions including regulation of heart rate, breathing, blood pressure, and body temperature. When a person consumes Xanax all these functions are slowed down.[7]

When a person suffers from anxiety, the brain releases certain chemicals that increase the nerve signals, which thereby increases brain activity, feelings of fear, and anxiety which restricts the ability of the mind to calm down. During such a situation taking Xanax will create a calming effect by working on the Gamma-aminobutyric acid(GABA), a naturally occurring chemical that helps your brain calm down in case you develop excessive anxiousness or nervousness.

Like any prescription drug, long-term usage of Xanax does cause potential side effects and that is why the optimum dosage recommended initially is 0.5mg to 1mg.[7]

Xanax is not prescribed if,[8]

  • You are taking antifungal medications such as Itraconazole or Ketoconazole
  • You have an allergic reaction to any Benzodiazepine
  • You have glaucoma
  • You are taking any herbal product especially St. John’s Wort
  • You are above the age of 65

Tell your doctor if Xanax is safe for you if you’ve previously had,[9]

  • Breathing problems such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease or Sleep Apnea
  • Drug or alcohol addiction
  • Depression, mood problems, suicidal thoughts or behavior, etc
  • Renal or hepatic diseases.

Based on official recommendations, do not take Xanax if you,

  • Rely on steroidal contraceptives
  • Taking prescription drugs that may potentially interact with Xanax
  • Are pregnant, planning to get pregnant, or lactating

There have been no definitive or conclusive studies on the side effects of Xanax when taken as a drug for documented off-label benefits. The most common side effects of the drug were drowsiness, tiredness, and dizziness which were mild and passed away quite soon [10].

Is Xanax Legal in the USA?

Xanax in the USA is 100% legal but you must mandatorily have a doctor’s prescription to procure the pills. You can take your Xanax prescription to any retail pharmacy and buy Alprazolam pills.[11]

But what if your insurance doesn’t cover the exorbitant cost of the brand-name Alprazolam?

In fact, many of our readers have faced such situations but when it came to buying Xanax online there had been no issues regarding the shipments and delivery without any issues at customs. Ordering Xanax in the US is very easy, hassle-free, fast, convenient, and very economical.

The good news?!

Several legit American vendors cater to the needs of the people. We’ve collaborated with companies who have been in the field for more than 3 years and sent more than thousands of shipments during the period. Listed below are some of the practical conventions related to ordering from these vendors,

  • Xanax is regarded as a Schedule IV drug by the FDA and that means the drug has very minimal risks of being abused[12]
  • The drugs which are classified under schedule IV are not a high priority for the US government and they are not very much concerned about the shipping of such schedule IV drugs when their priority lies in checking the dangerous narcotics that pose a high risk to the public.
  • While most states have criminalized the possession of Schedule IV drugs, the US does not do so.

Therefore there are zero chances of your drug being seized by the customs or confiscated and if such situations arise then your seller will refund your money or will give you a free reshipment.

How to Get a Xanax Prescription in the USA?

Getting a Xanax prescription in the US is not such a difficult task. Consult your doctor and they will provide a prescription if you have anxiety, insomnia, and panic disorder.

You cannot fake your condition just to obtain a prescription as you might have to undergo a series of tests to prove the intensity and the severity of the condition.

In this era of the internet and telemedicine, we’ve had great success in procuring and selling medication online while maintaining 100% genuinity at that. We sell Xanax pills for a reasonable price and we provide guaranteed deliveries, fast shipping, proper and discreet packaging, and high-quality generic Alprazolam.

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Shipping Xanax to the USA

We’ve not encountered any customs issues when shipping the product to the USA as the drug does not pose any serious issues or risks to the users. Every major Xanax pharmacy offers guaranteed delivery to the United States. So you can sit back and blindly place your trust in them and get your orders delivered to your doorstep.

Brand Name Xanax In The United States:

You need to get a prescription from your doctor to buy Xanax in the United States. Once you obtain a prescription then you can buy Xanax from a retail pharmacy of your choice in the USA. xanax can also be bought by telling the brand name of the medication,[13]

  • Xanax bars
  • Xanax
  • Xanax XR

These are the popular brand names by which Xanax is available for purchase for those for whom the medication is prescribed in the USA.

If you are wondering where to buy Xanax alprazolam online, this guide might help you.

Xanax FAQ:

Where to buy Xanax online USA overnight delivery?

We recommend 2 Xanax sellers, refer to this blog to seek our recommendations. You should take the buying decision. Visit these websites and check out if you are so sure about buying them. And look for your state regulations to get anxiety medications online overnight.

Can I get Xanax for my dogs?

According to Dr. Rania Gollakner, BS, DVM, MPH, you should follow your veterinarian’s directions and cautions very carefully as their directions may be significantly different from those on the label.

Can I get prescribed Alprazolam online?

Yes, you can get prescribed alprazolam from online legitimate US pharmacies.

What is the price of alprazolam for dogs price?

The cost of the medication differs with different Xanax suppliers, You should check out the price from the store itself. But the starting price of $3.5 per pill

How do I place an order for Xanax?

The order can be placed at any time and from any place as the online drugstore is live round the clock. You can even place the Xanax order over the weekend at your own convenience. Depending on the shipping carrier chosen, the purchase will be processed, dispatched, and delivered within the promised shipping period. Place the Xanax order by providing all of the required information like name, shipping address, and credit card details, and you will soon receive the medication.

Is it possible to bulk buy Xanax?

Although under no obligation to do so, bulk buying this drug is a great option to consider as it can help you save more on your order. There are bigger discounts provided when the purchase quantity is huge and also you do not have to worry about how quickly your Xanax supply is running out. Managing the anxiety condition is easier when you have enough Xanax at hand to help manage the symptoms.

Can I drink alcohol while on Xanax?

Drinking alcohol while on Xanax can have significant reactions, which would be explained in the literature that comes with the drug. Since Xanax is a benzodiazepine that alters chemicals in the brain and enhances GABA, drinking alcohol may not be a good idea [14]. The depressive effects on the user can be significantly high when the two substances are combined. If you must drink, stay off of Xanax for a while and then drink. You can also check with your healthcare provider regarding the safe use of Xanax along with alcohol.

How do I know if the Xanax I ordered is about to arrive?

For the benefit of all customers, a tracking ID is provided that can be used to identify where exactly the product is. Since there are a number of distribution centers in the US, you would be able to receive the Xanax order at the earliest possible. Checking the tracking ID will help you to know in advance about the arrival of the package and make suitable arrangements for someone to receive it.

Will it be expensive?

You absolutely do not have to worry about buying Xanax online from the US. The drug is usually available at both offline and online pharmacies. However, the cost of Xanax online is just a fraction of what you would typically pay at the local brick-and-mortar drugstore. The cheap Xanax online pharmacy sources the drug directly from the manufacturer and offers them online at distributor costs. Also, those who use the reorder service to refill their Xanax prescriptions get additional discounts. It is not expensive at all when you buy Xanax from the US, but you would actually be able to save more by using this option.

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