What are the risks of buying Xanax from sites listed in Craigslist and Reddit?

xanax bars with craigslistBuying Xanax from sellers who are listed on places like Craigslist and Reddit is considered to be an extremely risky venture. There are bound to be some mishaps and you may not even be receiving authentic pill. Most of these sellers are unverified and only do so to make a quick buck. In the end, it is the buyer who gets affected and there can even be harmful adverse effects from taking the Xanax purchased from these vendors.

Common risks of buying Xanax from sellers on Reddit and Craigslist

  • Illegal sale of Xanax – This anxiety medication should be sold only by a licensed pharmacist and not over the counter. The unlicensed sale of prescription Xanax is not within legal bounds and the buyer can also get in trouble with the authorities.
  • Fake Xanax – The chances of receiving fake Xanax are very high and this can be harmful to the user’s health.
  • Xanax not delivered – A number places that operate in a spurious way do not actually deliver the medication after the order is placed. They easily get away with the buyer’s money.
  • Misuse of credit card details – This is a ripe opportunity for unlicensed Xanax sellers to misuse the credit card information provided by customers. These payment details are likely to be used elsewhere by someone else.
  • Penalties including Jail time – The FDA require the purchase of the medicine to be made only with a prescription, without which it is considered against the law. Most of these sites sell the drug without asking for a prescription. If ever you get caught, chances are high that you might have to pay a huge fine and months of jail time.
  • Xanax prices not right – Sellers offering the drug through the listings on these websites are likely to be conning you with the price. You may get far better deals with genuine online pharmacies that do not advertise as vigorously.
  • The risk of abuse – The unregulated use of Xanax can lead to drug abuse and addiction, which is very hard to overcome.

Are there safer options to buy Xanax online?

The risks of using sellers who advertise Xanax on Craigslist and Reddit listed above are just some of the many. However, the best place to buy Xanax in a safe manner is a reputed online pharmacy. Ensure that the place you choose is licensed, asks for the prescription, provides online consultation services, prices the drug right and not too unbelievable has encrypted payment gateways, and protects your data.


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