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Last Updated : 12/08/2019

The user should complete 18 years of age to access all the information found on the site. As per medical laws, medical information can be misunderstood to be used as self treatment by most of the individual who are below 18 years of age as it is not a legal age to purchase medication on their own. The users below 18 are requested to restrict themselves from viewing those articles.

This portal is one of the information providing site related to the health condition, medical practices, medications and health care. From these terms and conditions, we declare that by accessing this website the users are opting to bound by all our terms and policies. In case of disagreeing with these terms and conditions are subjected not to follow the website and are requested to leave the site.

Whenever the user enters the website he is about to follow all those credentials mentioned. Changes may occur irrespective of time and period, under this situation the site is not aware of the changes prior to it. Hence we are not responsible to answer at any cause. We may notify our users on our homepage once the change has been adapted or may send you emails regarding the changes.

All the medical related information and the content provided are legally owned by us. Hence the users by themselves should take on the responsibility of using the information in right way. The event of selling the information to a third party or misusing the information is considered to be illegal and are against law.

Any information provided by you are considered to be kept confidential. We perform our best to protect your valuable information. We do not store any of your personal information. But any such thing given by you are completely based on your own self. Such as any query relating to your sexual problems, or any related emails. We also involve in safeguarding that information too. The password of your website should be kept safe by you.

The user should complete 18 years of age to access all the information found on the site. Some of the age-restricted contents are also available such as sexual content related to adults. He users below 18 are requested to restrict themselves from viewing those articles.
Some of the affiliated links are made available in the content for more references. Those links bear and draft their own privacy policy and terms. We do not own the link. Hence it is of users choice to view the website at their own risk.

Users can feel free to comment their opinion related the site but are restricted from using offensive words and such things.

We did not charge any fee or payment for the users to access and read the information published on our website. You are allowed to share the articles with other users through any of the allowed social media links supplied below the content. You should not republish our articles, logo, brands and all the other content we presented on our website. You are allowed to access, keep and use the information for any study, research and other reasons.

You should not reproduce, duplicate, copy and any other form of exploitation of our content from our website for your commercial purposes. We do not sell or rent any license for the usage of any material from our website. We reserve our right to make changes in these terms and conditions at any point of time. We will notify the users if they are registered their account with us or if they have subscribed to our newsletters. Other readers/users and new visitors are requested to go through these terms & conditions page first before going through other content.